What is SiMeTV?

Using your internet connection we are able to deliver top TV channels to your favourite devices! Including your phone, tablet, computer and TV!

What TV Channels will I be able to watch?

Our TV Channel selection currently includes ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CBC, CTV, City TV, The CW, PBS, Bounce, Escape, Get TV, GRIT TV, Laff, My TV and we are always adding new channels!

How do I use SiMeTV?

If you have internet, you can watch SiMeTV! You can use your computer to watch through our website or use your phone/tablet/smart TV to download our App! We are available in both Apple and Android Stores, as well as Apple TV and Roku! You can also use your Chromecast device to stream from your phone/tablet to your TV or use a HDMI cord to connect your computer to your TV!

How much does SiMeTV cost?

We are thrilled to offer an alternative to traditional cable companies at a fraction of the cost - only $10.00US per month!